There are three reasons why the switching service which Homesmart offers is better than comparison sites:

  1. It does not take commission from energy suppliers.  It is completely independent from them.
  2. It can switch you to any of Ofgem’s approved suppliers
  3. It keeps monitoring the market on your behalf and will change you every time there is a better deal

Homesmart has partnered with Flipper to provide you with auto-switching.  Flipper has a 5 star Trust Pilot rating and has saved tens of thousands of customers over £10,000,000 in total.

With the Flipper auto-switching service provided as part of the Homesmart membership package, you get the best deal no matter who supplies it, Flipper handles the paperwork on your behalf, and you continue to get the best deal throughout your membership.

For further details of Flipper’s service and the great savings it provides see our Flipper switching service FAQ