Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen & Heat Link

Homesmart Solutions provides single zone heating installation using Nest 3rd generation learning thermostats.

[Note: if you have more than one thermostat, then we can replace each thermostat with a Nest. This will give you smart and cost effective control of all your existing heating circuits. Some of the steps below (e.g. boiler check, download of Nest app) will only need to be done once.]


What we need:


You’ll need a Wi-Fi connection to operate Nest and get software updates. Everyone has problems with their Wi-Fi but the Nest works well even with a weak signal. However, we do need you to have a Wi-Fi network that is working. Later we are planning a service to optimise Wi-Fi for homes – because we find this is about the biggest frustration for most people!

Thermostat Placement

If we’re replacing your old analogue thermostat we can use the same wires and install in the same place. You may need to do minor cosmetic redecoration as you’ll find the Nest is probably smaller. If you’ve gone for the stand you need to decide where to place it – it needs to be near enough to your router and to the Nest Heat Link that we attach to your boiler. You also need to make sure it’s away from drafts or unusual heat sources like fires! Our installer will advise you.


Your boiler should be working.  Obvious. If it’s not, tell us. We can quote to fix it. If we find it is not working properly, we will tell you and cancel the order or quote to fix it.


How long?

A typical single zone heating installation will take under 1 hour. If you have parking restrictions please can you supply a trade visitor ticket.

What do we do?

We do a visual check of your boiler to make sure it’s working. If it’s not we will tell you what is wrong and what needs to be done. You have the choice of getting us to do it or someone else.

We cannot install your Nest without a working boiler and will cancel your agreement if it is not repaired.

If you have chosen a Level 2 or Level 3 service plan, then in addition we will do a boiler service. It’s to keep it working efficiently for you.

If you’ve gone for wall mounted (most people do) we disconnect your existing thermostat and replace with the Nest Learning Thermostat. We do not make good the cosmetics, although we can put a plate over blank space.

We remove your boiler control and replace it with Nest Heat Link. This may also need cosmetic redecoration by you but is in the boiler cupboard and out of sight.

Testing and using

Make sure you download the Nest app. 

Our installer will go through your set up and how to use it.

Finally we check that everything is good and leave you to enjoy your new system.

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