Homesmart provides multi-zone heating installation using Honeywell Evohome technology. By installing smart TRVs (thermostatic radiator valves) on your radiators, this gives you the ability to control your heating room by room.

[Note: if you already have two or more existing heating zones (e.g. ground floor and upstairs) controlled by different thermostats, you can simply replace each thermostat by a smart one. You won’t have room by room heating control but you will have a smarter and more cost effective way of controlling the existing zones. For the process of installing smart thermostats see our FAQ on single zone installation.]

Read our Multi-zone heating FAQ if you want a more detailed explanation of how multi-zone heating works and how to choose the best system

Before installation

Names of zones

When selecting your configuration using “get a quote” on our website you will have chosen the names of your zones. You will either have selected from our drop down list or typed in your own names.

We will check these when we call you to arrange installation. Before installation we pre-program all your smart valves to save time on the day.

Types of valves

Smart valves will only work on TRV valves. If you have manual valves these will need to be converted to TRV ones. Although not difficult, it is a time consuming job as it usually involves draining down your system and then replacing the manual valves.

Choosing not to have all radiators smart

You don’t have to make all your radiators smart. This saves you money but does limit the amount of control you have. The way multi-zone works is that heating will now be triggered by a smart radiator (zone) not a central thermostat. So just one zone can be heated. However, if radiators in your home are not “smart”, whenever your boiler is triggered (by hot water or a zone) the boiler will supply heat to all non-smart radiators as well.

For instance, people often decide to leave bathroom radiators off the multi-zone system. Whenever the boiler is triggered heat is supplied to the bathroom radiator. You can turn the radiator on and off by the manual valve but can’t control when. In practice this works quite well because the times that you’re heating a zone or hot water are the typical times you want your bathroom warm.


Everyone has problems with their Wi-Fi. The good news is that Honeywell Evohome works on its own protocol which means we rarely have problems. However, we do need you to have a Wi-Fi network that is working. Later we are planning a service to optimise Wi-Fi for homes – because we find this is about the biggest frustration for most people!


Your boiler should be working.  Obvious. If it’s not, tell us. We can quote to fix it. If we find it is not working properly, we will tell you and cancel the order or quote to fix it.

During multi-zone installation

How long?

A typical installation will take about 2-3 hours. This assumes we are not draining down and replacing valves.  If you have parking restrictions please can you supply a trade visitor ticket.

What do we do?

We do a visual check of your boiler to make sure it’s working. If it’s not we will tell you what is wrong and what needs to be done. You have the choice of getting us to do it or someone else.

We cannot install your multi-zone system without a working boiler and will cancel your agreement if it is not repaired.

If you have chosen a Level 2 or Level 3 service plan, then in addition we will do a boiler service. It’s to keep it working efficiently for you.

We disconnect your existing thermostat. We cut the wires and either leave or remove it. We do not make good the cosmetics and it’s probably best to leave the redundant thermostat in place until you next decorate.

We remove your boiler control and replace it with a wireless relay. This will also need cosmetic decoration by you but is in the boiler cupboard and out of sight.

If you have a hot water tank we will need access and will install a tank thermostat and wireless relay box. We are tidy.

We will replace you old TRVs with smart TRVs pre-bound to your system.

We will install your Evohome controller (like in the Buddha picture on this website). You need to decide someone good to put this – near a plug socket and visible in your home. This is wireless (besides the power of course!)

If we are updating manual valves we will need to drain down your heating system, upgrade the valves and refill your system. It’s a time consuming and labour intensive job for our engineers.

Testing and using

Make sure you download the Honeywell Evohome “Total Connect Comfort Intl” App.

Our installer will go through your set up – best done on a web browser to start with.

They will also help you set up initial schedules for all your zones. It’s best to think about what you want beforehand. Don’t worry you can change this as you get used to the system.

Finally we check that everything is good and leave you to enjoy your new system – and your improved comfort and control.