Where is Homesmart pricing shown on the website?

Price the system that is right for you

Homesmart pricing can be found by selecting “get a quote” on the main menu and building the configuration that exactly fits your needs.

You can choose exactly the elements you want or play around with different options and find out the price for each.

After you see the price, you will also be able to find out how much you could save in terms of energy use. This will depend on the system you choose and how you use your heating today. Plus, how much you could save by switching energy supplier; auto-switching support is built into our offers.

Products, installation, support and service combined

We only provide complete smart heating solutions. These combine products with installation, maintenance and support. We do not have a price list of individual items since hardware, installation or ongoing support and maintenance cannot be purchased on their own.

In addition, pricing of smart heating systems is complex for multi-zone systems, since the overall controls and installation needed are dependent on how many rooms you have and the type of heating in each. It is much easier to understand the overall price for total systems.

Best value for comfort, energy savings and peace of mind

We don’t compete on price for individual products. Instead we believe that we offer the best value solutions. Our packages combine the best choice of products for your comfort and for energy saving, together with the peace of mind provided by professional installation and set-up combined with support and service from experts.

Email reminders

Please note: if you save a smart heating configuration that you have built using get a quote, then we require an email address so you can access it again. We may use this email to advise you of the status of the quote provided and to remind you when it will cease to be valid. You can opt out of receiving additional emails at any time.