After you have ordered a multi-zone smart heating system, we ask you to provide a photo of

  • your boiler and the area around it
  • your hot water tank and the area around it (if applicable)
  • a manual valve that needs replacing (if applicable)

These photos help us to plan our work. It makes our installation more efficient – and cuts down the time and disruption for you.

How boiler and hot water tank photos help

We need to install relays that send commands to and from your boiler. It’s the same for your hot water tank, if you have one.

Your photos show us the space available. We can work out where to position the relays next to the boiler and hot water tank – and also not too close together so that they interfere with each other.

The following are examples of good photos of a boiler and a tank. They show the boiler and tank clearly, as well as the connections and the space available around them.

In contrast the next two photos are not good since they do not show what is around the boiler or tank:

Photos for radiator valves

Radiators in your multi-zone heating system will have smart valves fitted which automatically open and close to control the temperature. These smart valves fit on top of existing TRVs (thermostatic radiator valves) – the ones with dials on them which you can manually adjust to a given point.

However, where you have existing manual valves – the ones without dials where you just turn them on or off – these valves have to be replaced before the smart TRVs can be fitted.

Different fittings are needed depending on which manual valves are currently fitted.

Providing a photo of your current manual valve allows us to identify its make and type. We then know the correct fitting to supply ensuring a smooth installation.

If you have different types of manual valves or are not sure, please send us several photos and we can check for you.

How to send photos

If you use WhatsApp then the simplest method is for us to send you a WhatsApp message. You can then take a photo on your phone and immediately send it to us. Simple for you, effective for us.

If you don’t use WhatsApp then we ask you to send messages via text (MMS) or email.

We’ll also send you messages with example photos to show you what we need.

Any way will work for us. It is whatever is easiest for you.

Smooth efficient installation for you

With your photos, we can plan an efficient installation. We will take less of your time. It will minimise the fuss and disruption to you.

If the photos identify any issues (lack of space or access for installation), we will be able to contact you and sort it out ahead of time, avoiding wasted visits that cost us both time and money.

Our aim is to have your smart heating operating effectively as quickly as possible. Bringing you the benefits of comfortable, control and energy saving.