As specified in Homesmart’s Terms and Conditions, we can install our smart heating solutions as long as your central system meets certain minimum requirements. These are:

  • your boiler is NOT on the list of boilers we do not support
  • your boiler is in good working order
  • you have working Wi-Fi in your home
  • there is adequate access to your boiler, existing thermostat (and hot water tank, if applicable)
  • there is enough space to fit relay(s) next to the boiler (and hot water tank, if applicable)
  • your required solution is one that can be built using our configurator or is a more complex installation that we have agreed in writing (post or email)
  • for remote control of your smart heating system, you require an internet connection and either an app on your mobile phone or tablet or else a browser on an iOS or Windows computer

Please also read our “How long does installation take?” FAQ for details of the installation process, what we need to do and what we need from you to carry out the installation