At Homesmart Solutions we’re keen to see you using smart home technology to make your life easier and more comfortable.

But we also want to make sure that you use this smart technology is a way that keeps your home safe.

We all know the actions we need to take, but often things don’t reach to top of our “To Do” list.

So here are a few gentle reminders – maybe you can find time for them over the holidays:

  1. Lock your Nest thermostat if you don’t want others to change the temperature (or alter other settings).  Set a pin code. Then without the pin someone can only change the temperature within a range you have set.  Anyone with an app will continue to have full control of the thermostat.
  2. Set a password for your Evohome hub. We don’t often use this but if you are away or don’t want people to change the schedules or key setting, you can set a password for the hub. On the screen click “settings”; “device settings’; “Security”; then padlock icon – to set a password for screen access.
  3. Change default passwords on any smart device, especially if they are something very simple like “1234”.
  4. Use strong passwords – either use a password manager or a technique for generating strong passwords.
  5. If you allow location tracking on your mobile (for example to use geo-fencing with your smart heating) check if you have shared your location with other people – you only want those really close to you to know when you are away from your property.
  6. Turn off power to devices that don’t need to be on. Leaving PC’s and Laptops in stand-by is always a security risk.
  7. Smart plugs & lights. If you have these, set them to switch on and off in the evening to make it look like you’re in (remember to leave some curtains closed unless you have automatic blinds!). Most burglaries are opportunistic.

All our intelligent devices can be a real boon, but we do need to think about preventing others from misusing them.