How can you get the most benefit from switching energy supplier?

Research has shown that continual savings come only from regular monitoring of the market and frequent switching of energy supplier.

Comparison sites are happy to show you a switch that saves money initially, and take a healthy commission from doing so.  They often don’t even find you the best deal as this article from the Telegraph points out.  And after a few months, it may be that the new deal is no longer advantageous.

Monitoring the energy market for the best deal takes time, effort and some expertise to understand the different deals.

That is why we have teamed up with Flipper, an expert in auto-switching. They constantly monitor the market and automatically switch you whenever it is beneficial, saving you time and hassle.  You can see on their site what makes their service better than their competition.

Because they don’t take any commission from suppliers, they will provide an independent evaluation of the best choice for you.  They can also switch you to any of the Ofgem approved energy suppliers.