The energy supplier switching service which is included as part of the Homesmart membership plan is provided by Flipper

Flipper manages bills so that you never worry about overpaying for energy again. With some simple information about usage, the Flipper algorithm scans the market to find you a better energy deal. Once a saving of at least £50 is found, the flip begins.

How is Flipper different from price comparison sites?

Traditional price comparison sites have remained almost unchanged for nearly 20 years – essentially they scour the energy market and present a long list of results and you choose which to switch to. Flipper is different, you don’t switch, you flip. This means that:

Flipper doesn’t take commission. Price comparison sites negotiate deals with different suppliers – who will pay £60 – £70 for your custom. This means they’ll often display the suppliers they’ve got a good deal with first. It also means that they don’t show deals from the whole of the energy market. Flipper’s regular spot checks show that people can save c. £90 with Flipper compared to price comparison sites as Flipper shows the whole eligible energy market.

  • Flipper doesn’t present you with a dazzling array of lists of quotes for you to pick apart and compare — instead, it does the hard work and shows you the best deal based on your usage.
  • It doesn’t just show you the deals available — Flipper manages the whole flip so that you never have to worry about overpaying for your energy again.
  • It never relies on estimates to determine your usage, which can result in inaccurate quotes and missed savings.
  • Flipper gets accurate usage data from your bills to make sure you pay the cheapest price for the energy you use.
  • It doesn’t make money from your membership by sharing/selling your data, or bombarding you with ads.

Flipper switching options

You can choose the type of tariffs you want to select and how often you want to switch. The options include:

  • Choose only from the Big 8 suppliers – if you prefer to use a well-known brand even if the savings may be less
  • Select the green option with tariffs that provide renewable electricity
  • Opt for either fixed or variable tariffs or allow Flipper to choose either to get you the very best deal
  • Specify flipping supplier only if the saving is going to be either £50 or £100 or £150
  • Choose a minimum time between switches of 6 months or 12 months if you don’t want to move too often

What meters and tariffs does Flipper support?

Meters supported

Flipper supports the following residential credit (i.e. you pay for your energy every month, usually by direct debit) meter types:

  • Standard single rate (profile class 01, also called “general domestic” or “GD”)
  • Economy 7 (profile class 02, where you have a day rate and a night rate)

If you have a smart meter and are switched to a new supplier, they probably won’t be able to read it remotely. Smart meters will be mandatory and universal from 2020, but until then, suppliers use their own systems for their smart meters and each company can only read the smart meters it installs. Don’t worry if you have one — Flipper can tell you how to take a manual reading from it so you’ll still be able to switch.

Meters/Tariffs not supported at the moment

  • Warm Home Discounts
  • Prepayment meters (where you use a token, key or card to pay for your utilities in advance)
  • Economy 10 meters (for night storage heaters)
  • Economy 20:20 meters or similar
  • Related MPANs (2 MPAN 1 meter, 2 MPAN 2 meters)
  • 3-rate tariffs
  • Non-domestic tariffs
  • Unmetered supply
  • Green deal
  • Feed in tariffs (We can switch your supplier, but can’t make changes to your existing feed in tariff)

If you use a token, card or key to top up or pay for your electricity in advance, we won’t be able to flip you as we won’t be able to calculate your annual usage. Depending on whether you asked for the prepayment meter to be installed, you might be able to get your supplier to change it to a credit meter.

Why do you switch automatically? Can I review the deal first?

Energy tariffs change daily, sometimes hourly. Which is why Flipper asks for payment details up front and flips you to the best deals when it finds them; we don’t want you to miss out.

Flipper is an auto switching service. It doesn’t show the deals for review before switches are instructed, but you have a 14 day cooling-off period to cancel any switch if you’re unhappy — and Flipper will help you do this.

If you want to cancel a deal within the 14-day cooling off period, get in touch with Flipper and they’ll give you the details you need and assist with cancellation.

How does Flipper make its money?

Most switching websites work on a commission basis. – meaning that they get paid by the supplier you switch to. Flipper don’t believe anyone can truly be impartial when taking commission, which is why they charge a flat annual fee for their service.

Flipper’s pricing policy allows it to show deals from all eligible suppliers in the market, which is far more than any commission-based or ‘free’ energy switching websites.  On average, Flipper members save £385 per year. Your first flip could be found in just 24 hours. 

As part of the service, Flipper doesn’t just find you a good deal and flip you to it. It checks the market every month on your behalf and if it finds you another saving of at least £50, it will flip you again. 

Homesmart Solutions have a contract in place with Flipper which means that everyone on a Homesmart service plan has Flipper membership included. You don’t have anything extra to pay.

How long does it take to switch?

The switch process usually takes about 17 – 35 days depending on the supplier. This includes a 14-day “cooling off period”, where you can change your mind.

The remaining days are the switch period – when your supplies are transferred and your new supplier will request meter readings. Flipper will let you know when this is required and submit the opening reads for you.

Sometimes things can take a little longer, so don’t worry if your switch isn’t completed in exactly 5 weeks.

It’s worth noting that if you have gas and electricity at your property, your supplies will always be separately switched — usually, it’s electricity first, gas second. This means you might be asked to submit meter readings for each on different days, and your supplies might “go live” on different days too.