Update: Google are replacing the Works with Nest program. So these instructions are likely to change after 31st August 2019. Please read our articles about the changes here.

As well as being able to use Google Assistant to control the Nest Learning Thermostat from your Android Phone, you can also use Google Assistant to control it from

  • Google Home or Home Hub displays (which have Google Assistant built in)
  • iPhone or iPad (by downloading the Google Assistant app)

The setup steps below are specifically for when you are using an Android phone.  However the sections on commands you can use is relevant no matter what device you are talking to.

There are many other options for voice control of Nest Thermostats. For example, Amazon Alexa – see
https://nest.com/uk/support/article/Nest-and-Amazon-Alexa for more details

Initial requirements

You require Android 5.0 or above on your mobile phone. 

Make sure that you have already

  • downloaded the Nest app
  • created an account in the app
  • set up and linked your Nest Thermostat in the account
  • logged in to Google.

Steps to set up Google Assistant to control the Nest Thermostat

The steps below were tested when using Android 7.0 running on a Huawei P9 mobile phone.  There could be some differences with other versions of Android or using other phones.

  1. Select “Settings” on your phone.  “Settings” is normally displayed as a gear icon on one of screens displaying your apps
  2. Select “Google” from the list of options
  3. Then select “Search, Assistant & Voice”
  4. Next select “Google Assistant”
  5. Choose the “Assistant” tab from the options across the top of the screen
  6. Then select the “Home Control” option
  7. Tap on the “+” button on the bottom right of the screen
  8. You are now on the Add devices screen.  There is a list in alphabetical order and you can scroll down to it find “Nest”.  However there are hundreds of options and it is quicker to select the search icon on the top line and type in “Nest” to find it.
  9. Select “Nest” (shown with the blue house icon that should be familiar to you)
  10. Now sign in to your Nest account using your personal details and the verification code sent to your phone
  11. Read the details on the “Works with Nest” page which appears.  Assuming you are happy with the terms, click on the “Allow” button at the bottom.
  12. You will then see a message to show that the device is being linked.  After a while the “Home Control” screen will show your connected Nest device with a thermostat icon and the name of its location e.g. “Office”

You can now use Google Assistant to control the thermostat with a long press of the phone’s Home button and saying “OK Google”, followed by a voice command.

Troubleshooting setting up Nest on Google Assistant

  • If you are having trouble making Google add Nest to the Home Control list, check that your login email for Google matches the login email for Nest.  If they are different, try changing one so that they match
  • If the phone does not accept your voice commands
    • check that Google Assistant is turned on (see section below)
    • check that “Access with Voice Match” is turned on

Turning Google Assistant off or on

If you ever want to turn off Google Assistant, then go to the “Assistant” tab (steps 1-5 as listed above), then select “Phone” and change the Google Assistant slider to off.

Similarly, if you need to check if Google Assistant is on or to turn it back, again choose “Phone” from the “Assistant” tab and change the Google Assistant slider to on.

Commands that Google Assistant understands for controlling the Nest Thermostat

You can use voice commands to Google Assistant to find out the interior temperature, to increase or decrease home temperature or to turn the heating on or off.

Example commands are:

“OK Google, what is the temperature indoors?”

“Hey Google, turn the heating off”

“OK Google, turn up the temperature to 21”

“Hey Google, turn the temperature down 1 degree”

Have fun trying out different variations using the language that is natural for you.

Setting up routines

If you download the Google Home app, you can also set up routines to do multiple actions on different devices (including your phone) with just one command.  For example “Good Morning” could turn the heating on, turn on smart lighting, read you the news and tell you about meetings in your calendar.   For information on setting up routines go to https://support.google.com/googlehome/answer/7029585?hl=en&co=GENIE.Platform=Android