UPDATE: July 2019

Flipper, our energy switching partner (https://flipper.community/) , have now added a green or renewable tariff option to their service.

So yes, it is now straightforward to choose a green tariff when switching energy supplier.

Simply select the “Green Tariffs” option when you sign up and you will only be presented with offers where the electricity is 100% renewable.

NOTE: there is very little gas produced from renewable sources so it is unlikely that your gas will be green. For more information on what green energy is, see Flipper’s in-depth article.

You will be flipped to the cheapest green offer, though this might provide less savings than the best non-green deal.

Existing customers will also be able to go into their Flipper account and select “Green Tariffs” for future flips of their energy supplier.

Prior to this new announcement, Homesmart customers were able to select green tariffs only by talking to Flipper over the phone.