Homesmart Solutions provides regular boiler checks and services for customers who have opted for our Level 2 or Level 3 service plan. Level 3 service plans also cover parts and labour on boiler and heating system repairs.

Pre-authorisation for repairs

However, we require you to pre-authorise a £50 fee on your credit or debit card before coming out for any repairs. This fee is only charged to you if we find there is no fault, or the fault is not one covered by our service plans.

We will make every effort to establish if there is a fault covered by our service plans before we arrange a repair visit. It is in both of our interests.

If a valid fault is found, then the deposit is not charged. You pay nothing for the labour and parts required for the repair. The cost is all covered by the service plan.

Inability to carry out work

If we arrive to install your system at the agreed time, date and place but are unable to proceed due to

  • being unable to access the premises
  • not having adequate access to areas where we need to install (boilers, hot water tank, thermostats and radiators)
  • no adult being present to supervise our access
  • health and safety risks such as hazardous chemicals, pest infestations, verbal or physical abuse or harassment

then we reserve the right to make a £70 charge to cover out costs of the visit.

See Homesmart’s terms and conditions for full details.