​Stringify gets the Comcast treatment, as your TV becomes a smart home hub

Homesmart analysis: Homesmart analysis: Unsurprisingly Comcast’s vision makes its entertainment hub the heart of home automation.   Its purchase of Stringify allows it to provide users with smart control of more devices.  This includes interesting features such as the wifi during family meals

“Finally, users can automatically pause and un-pause WiFi, so kids’ – and parents’ – devices can be paused at dinnertime, connected games can get paused during homework time, and laptops can be paused at bedtime,” the blog reads.

What’s also interesting about this move is how Comcast is turning itself into a smart home power house, but clearly putting the TV at the heart of this vision. Rather than Amazon and Google which are both putting smart speakers at the forefront of their push, and now introducing , Comcast seems to be betting on people using the always-on screen that people already own: their TV.

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