Sound-activated Security and Alexa Guard

Sound has a number of advantages over images and video as a basis for a smart security system
 – doesn’t require line of sight
 – one receiver, if sensitive enough can cover many rooms
 – less obvious and accessible for an intruder to disable
 – less intrusive for family members

The first three are all helpful in early discovery of an intruder allowing action to scare off and disturb the person.  The one disadvantage is that an intruder’s image will not be captured making them more difficult to identify.

However, all the advantages depend on sophisticated sound processing that enables sounds of intrusion to be captured and distinguished from other sounds.  Which is why the work detailed in the post below about Alexa Guard is so interesting.

On September 20, Amazon unveiled a host of new products and features, including Alexa Guard, a smart-home feature available on select Echo devices later this year. When activated, Alexa Guard can send a customer alerts if it detects the sound of glass breaking or of smoke or carbon monoxide alarms in the home…

read the rest of the article on the Amazon Alexa site

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