Smart home systems: DIY vs. hiring a professional

DIY is not for everyone.  You might love decorating or hate it.  Similarly you might be keen to learn about smart home systems, to spend time selecting and setting up the right home automation devices and  then taking responsibility for managing and monitoring them – or you might want to pay someone else to do the job. 

The first approach is cheaper (depending on how you value your time) but the second (buying Smart Home as a Service – SHaaS) guarantees you a reliable, expert solution if you choose a reputable supplier.  The following article reviews the trade-offs in more detail.  While it highlights US suppliers, equivalent providers are gaining ground in the UK as well.


As you consider how to build out your smart home, you’ll be faced with four early decisions: Do you want a simple or a sophisticated system ? Do you want a system that focuses on convenience ? Or do you want one that emphasizes home security ? The articles […]

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