The 5 key Smart Home benefits are not yet well understood.  Many people tend to focus on just one, the remote control of technology devices in the home.

The 2018 survey by Smart Home Week showed that 97% of respondents associated Smart Homes with controlling devices in the home.

42% of people see the majority of UK homes being smart within the next 10 years.

And how do people nowadays expect to be able to control technology?

Firstly, via their mobile phone, which is always with them and always connecting them.

Secondly, via voice assistants which will soon be in the majority of homes. Voice assistants are making it easier and easier to use everyday language to control smart home devices.

While remote control is an important benefit of smart homes, it is not the only one.

So what are the other 4 key Smart Home benefits?

  • cutting costs:  smart homes have a big role to play in cutting energy bills and making sure that devices are only switched on when needed
  • energy saving: having electronic devices only on when necessary also has a big green impact.  It reduces overall energy consumption and helps the planet
  • increasing comfort: heating & lighting that come on when and where you want it (and not when you don't) make a home more comfortable
  • giving peace of mind: this can be by learning your habits and turning devices on and off automatically as required.  Or it can be from  monitoring your home for safety and security.  In both cases, smart homes cut down your worries.  You have less to remember ("Did I turn off the lights and lock the door?") and less to worry about ("What if someone breaks in?")
5 benefits of smart homes - control, energy saving, peace of mind, comfort and cutting costs (c) 2019

For real peace of mind people also need to be able to rely on the smart technology in their home.  They need to know that it is reliable.  They need to have confidence that it is guarding their physical and digital privacy.  And they need to know that there are experts on hand to sort it out if anything goes wrong or if something needs changing.

Over the next few years, not only will yet more people be comfortable with the idea of smart homes but also they will understand that the benefits go far beyond remote control.

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