Honeywell 2019: Next-Gen Security & Home Automation is One Platform for Wired, Wireless, DIY, Pro

Honeywell has given a big boost to the SHaaS (Smart Home as a Solution) market with its latest launch.  The fact that systems can easily be remotely monitored and managed opens up the Smart Home market to users who want all the technology to just work  reliably in the way their car does –

Honeywell made a big announcement at ISC West 2018 – its “Next Generation Residential Platform” – that seemed to go largely unnoticed, probably because the display was static and the message of Honeywell’s “New Security and Smart Home Platform” was a little too subtle.

The new systems will all work with Honeywell’s Total Control SHaaS (smart home as a service), and they will all look pretty much alike


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