Google will use your Roomba’s house map to improve your smart home

Google’s tie-up with iRobot (see TechRadar article below) gives it the potential to map our homes just like it already does with our streets on Google Maps.

Will this just enhance its ability to know more about us than we do ourselves?  Will it intrude more on our privacy and help to sell us even more and more often?

Or will it help make our homes smarter and our lives easier as smarter devices come to know where they are and what is around them?

Managing our privacy becomes even more important as technology in the home becomes more pervasive.


The company behind the Roomba robot vacuum, iRobot, has announced a partnership with Google that will allow the tech giant to utilize the autonomous vacuum’s ability to digitally map its user’s home. Using a combination of photos and spatial data, the iRobot Roomba i7+ is able to create a […]

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