Homesmart's Cookie Policy

Homesmart Solutions Limited's website,, like most others, uses cookies.  These are small files which are stored on any device (computer, tablet, phone, console) from which you access our website.  The files are important to remember choices you have made or information you have given.  This means that you do not have to repeat entries and helps operate smoothly and efficiently.

Managing Cookies

If you use our website, we assume that you agree to our use of cookies.   You can restrict the use of cookies or delete cookies from your browser e.g. you can find instructions

Types of cookie and how uses them

Cookies are classified by their usage

  • Category 1: Strictly Necessary. These are required in order for the website to function properly.  We use these to:
    • keep track of whether you are logged in (e.g. having stored a smart heating system you have built) so that we can retrieve the information you have previously entered
    • to remember the choices you make as you build you smart heating system so that we can provide you with valid options as you progress
    • to enable credit card payments via our website using the Stripe payment platform. This means that we do not store credit card details on the website.  See Stripe privacy policy for their use of your data
  • Category 2: Performance. We use cookies in this category to provide aggregated data which tracks how often pages are visited and how users move between pages so that we can streamline the website and make information easier to find and understand.
  • Category 3: Functionality. We use these cookies to store information about how you use the site in order to tailor it for you e.g. if you have accepted our cookie notice, we will not ask you again until the cookie has expired
  • Category 4: Marketing.  We use a marketing cookie to send data to Google Analytics about your device and behaviour when you visit our website. It allows us to track the visitor across devices and marketing channels


We use Google Analytics to track visits to our sites.  This involves transferring visitor data, including IP address.  But no personal data you may have entered such as names, emails, addresses or contact numbers, is sent to Google.

You can opt out of Google Analytics by going to